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The service was great! The bartenders showed up on time and were very friendly. We had a wonderful experience and would definitely hire again. Thank you! -Emma A.
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Elite's Common Questions

How many bartenders do I need? 

85 people is the limit of 1 bartender. As you exceed this limit, it can put an increasing strain on the bartender; resulting in extended drink wait times. It’s our goal to present the proper expectations, including our own limitations. For example: if you decide to have 100 guests for 1 bartender, you’ll might expect to see 15 people in line at the bar most of the party. Our bartenders are the most skilled staff you will find; but they're only human:) With that being said, you are still the boss…So we (of course) would still be happy to provide you a bartender under any parameters.

Do you provide alcohol or mixers? 

​Quick Answer: We do not provide the supplies, liquor, or any consumable items. Elite provides the staff to: setup the bar, skill to serve all the drinks, and organization to help with the planning beforehand. Our focus is providing you a professional bartender. You provide all supplies and we provide the Elite staff. We will turn any area into a bar; and professionally service your guests. For more details and tips, keep reading…

Benefit to client: You’ll save on any ridiculous up-charges for supplies, but still have a list of detailed items to purchase! 

The good news is: With your reservation, you’ll receive our exclusive elite alcohol calculators. Clients find the calculators amazing! Just plug in your guest count, and you see everything you'll need. This tool is provided as part of the bartender reservation when you book your bartender. You'll need a bartender service regardless; so why not pick the company who knows everything needed!  

Quick Note: All bar related items that you’ll purchase (on avg) will vary between $3-$15 dollars per guest.

Elite’s focus is providing fun and professional staff. But the good news is, we give you a detailed list of everything needed. Most find this option too expensive, because anyone providing alcohol and/or supplies will add an incredibly high up-charge.  Only Elite Private Bartenders’ have a unique, proprietary, and copyrighted alcohol calculator. You'll instantly know everything (with all amounts) needed for the bar. Clients love this tool and you will too!  

Can Elite do a cash bar? 

Unfortunately, it is illegal to do so without a proper license. Only bars and restaurants possess this ability. Why? The government wants their tax money from each drink poured. To be able to charge, you would go through process of permitting/applications through the state and city. For 99% of clients, this is not a cost effective solution (most permits start in the thousands). It only makes sense for large scale festivals or thousand guest events. So as long as your drinks are free, you're in the clear. You will still need the liquor liability insurance to protect the host and the guest; and that's where we come in! 

What is included with my bartender? 

1. A sharply dressed, experienced, real bartender. 
2. Insurance: Liquor liability and General liability. *If requested, we can add you to our policy for the day of your occasion at no additional cost.
3. Bar-set up. We cut fruit; chill the beer/wine, unpack consumables etc.
4. Alcohol Calculations- We provide a specific party shopping list. Instantly know the amount of ice, liquor, wine, beer, mixers, cups, and much more! Client provides all consumables, but we give you the list/amounts of everything needed. You cannot find this tool anywhere else.
5. Bar tools. Bartender brings all bar tools: shaker, strainer, corkscrew, and bottle opener. 
6. Upon reservation, we email you: Confirmation, Receipt, Calculators, Signature Drinks Suggestions, Party Tips, and Client Checklist.

Do you provide napkins, straws, or coolers? 

The client provides all of the disposable/consumable items, and we provide the tools and a trained staff to execute a "hands off" party for the host. Each staff member will bring: shakers, strainers, cork screw, and bottle openers. The host provides the beverages and consumable related items; we provide the tools, skill, and staff to serve them. We have 100’s of tricks and tips: how we use inexpensive containers; and much more! Elite gives you all information needed to ensure your gathering is a complete success!